Black Lives Matter Georgia assists families and businesses invested in the deactivation of systemic racism endured by all people of color. Black Lives Matter Georgia is an official non-profit organization recognized by the state of Georgia and the Federal Government. We identify as a peaceful, non-violent movement. The premise behind our existence is to stop the violence against Black People through advocacy, leadership development, and initiatives geared toward community education and safety. We Support local food programs mainly we love Cann Park, and we are currently developing programs to support better community relations with the high school youths and police.

” Black people are far too readily denied decent education and employment, stopped and frisked, apprehended, incarcerated, criminalized, animalized, and killed.

Our mission is to help survivors and families that have suffered from the loss of a relative or loved one as a result of unjust or questionable police behavior and use our unique and creative ideas to help bring the police and the community together to save lives.

Our vision is that all people can live without fear!

One of our goals is to make the world aware of the fear people of color endure every day and how they fear the same forces that are supposed to serve and protect them. As historical and recent events demonstrate, America’s painful history of racism continues to drive undue levels of prosecution and death on people of color, and to deny them the opportunities and protections essential to their health, safety, education, and economic success. We stand against racism; we stand with people of color. Black lives matter!

Those who have the opportunity to serve others freely and personally should see this good fortune as grounds for humility. The practice of humility will strengthen their will to be of service. No one should take for granted their own advantages over others in health, talents, abilities, success, a happy childhood or congenial home conditions. One must pay a price for all these boons. What one owes in return is a special responsibility for others’ lives.

While we have made some great strides, BLMG still has a lot to accomplish. Would you consider donating whatever you can afford to help us achieve our mission. If you have any questions, I would be happy to provide you with more information my email is We greatly appreciate your donation, and 100% will be used to help those who seek our services.