Unconscious Bias

Nonviolence project/Nvp. Unconscious bias workshop will be held every Monday at 9am starting in September. The classes are sponsor by Nvp in conjunction with Black lives matter Georgia donation are accepted but not required.

Unconscious bias

1. An unconscious bias ‘test’ (a reaction-time measure of how quickly a participant can link positive and negative stimuli to labels such as ‘male’ or ‘female’; the most common example is the IAT).

2. An unconscious bias ‘test’ debrief (an explanation of the participants’ unconscious bias ‘test’ results).

3. Education on unconscious bias theory.

4. Information on the impact of unconscious bias (via statistics/illustrative examples).

5. Suggested techniques for either reducing the level of unconscious bias or mitigating the impact of unconscious bias (without altering or reducing the strength of the bias). For example, bias reduction strategies, such as exposing participants to counter-stereotypic exemplars, can reduce the level of unconscious bias; bias mitigation strategies, such as blind review in selection and assessment, can reduce the impact of unconscious bias.

I sincerely hope our workshop will help to objectively expand awareness of Unconscious bias

Director Steve