Black Lives Matter Georgia is committed to nonviolent action across America. Blmg draws from the experiences of those who have suffered at the hands of violence. We ask: what must our response be? And our answer as tentative, grappling, searching, and seeking as it may be is that it falls upon us as citizens living in the communities across America to utilize all nonviolent means available to stand up against violence in any form, to engage the youths in schools and the community, most definitely; We must protest against violence by peaceful marches and protest against violence.

We must also move from protest to active nonviolent programming. Nonviolence cannot be a single-day event- it must be a commitment we make and act upon every day of our lives. The way we implement this nonviolent program and how might we act in solidarity with community leaders all across America?

(1) By Working with our children/young adults and teaching those the nonviolent way of resolving conflicts and (2) Their interaction with law enforcement.

Despite the contemporary public’s discourse regarding the embrace of human diversity within the United States, Black males still are perennially brutalized, killed, and negatively stereotyped. Recent events regarding police killings underscore the reality that even though Black males have the same constitutional and civil rights as all other citizens, in practice their rights are often violated or denied. The negative stereotypes of Black males are problematic because it creates an environment and negative perception of them that causes some police officers to claim that they feared for their life before shooting. The history of police oppression and killing of Black males and teaching critical race theory as a theoretical perspective helps to explain this pervasive social inequity.

Black people are far too readily denied decent education and employment, stopped and frisked, apprehended, incarcerated, criminalized, animalized, and killed. No one should take for granted their advantages over others in health, talents, abilities, success, a happy childhood, or congenial home conditions. One must pay a price for all these boons. What one owes in return is a special responsibility for others’ lives.

Similar to previous social movement organizations, the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) has faced a myriad of critiques today compared to the Civil Rights Movement, the achievement of Black Lives Matter, and Black essentialism. Some argue that Black Lives Matter is reaching for lofty goals that seem unattainable; protesting is noteworthy and strategic rather than a limitation.

Black Lives Matter understands that social problems that center on Blackness often lead to Black organizations and Black people being left on the outside looking in at policy issues they helped to highlight. In being more intersectional and inclusive than previous movements,

I assert that Black Lives Matter has helped to advance understanding of Black dehumanization, change attitudes about racism in America and around the world, and thrust policing and criminal justice reform into the international spotlight.

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