Police need to take responsibility for actions and wrongdoings.  

The police culture consists of values, attitudes, and norms widely shared among officers. This culture idealizes a hard-nosed, aggressive approach to policing, mainly in the black community, which accords priority to law enforcement and crime fighting and gives rise to abuses of authority and tension within the black community. 

The police culture impedes efforts to detect and investigate corruption and other misconduct. Brutality and dehumanization exist in many departments. The senseless killings of Blacks have given all Americans an education in the systematic mistreatment of black people by police forces across the country. 

Videos of police brutality are washing across everyone’s phones: videos of cops running over young women with police horses, pushing down old white men for no reason, rushing into crowds of peaceful demonstrators, and raining blows on young people and reporters. Videos show the deadness in the eyes of an officer as he kicks a young woman in the face, a woman who is just sitting there peacefully on the street. 

And now Tyre Nichols, literally beaten to death by five or more killer cops who were allowed to stomp Mr. Tyre Nichols to death on the streets of America. How many more people like Tyre Nichols will die due to the trust society gives the police? Justice for Tyre Nichols. #Reform


The killings of blacks by police are standard. The aggression and dehumanization of Black people, as shown in the Tyre Nichols and George Floyd situation, are part of the system, and, yes, uncle Tom aka black police, does exist and will always do the bidding of Mr bossman. It is the system and the tactics that foster racism and violence, not the specific racial identities of officers. “It’s not just racism driving this; it’s culture and racism,”

On average, police in the United States shoot and kill more than 1,000 people every year, according to an ongoing analysis by The Washington Post.

Billy DeWayne Couch, 51

killed on Jan. 24, 2023

in Sugar Valley, Ga.

Leroy Malone, 39

killed on Jan. 23, 2023

in Dodge City, Kan.

Eli Nash, 32

killed on Jan. 23, 2023

in Meridian, Idaho

Tyre Nichole 29 killed 

on January 10 

in Memphis Tennessee